About Melanie Moorcroft

Melanie Moorcroft

Director, Business Strategies Ltd

BA (Hons, Economics), BCom (Accounting & Business Economics), MCom (Hons, HR)

We are told – and only need to look around to see for ourselves – that change is the only constant in business.  It is also clear that while for some change has happened more quickly and more radically than for others, for everyone the pace of change is increasing all the time.  To put it another way – change will never happen more slowly than it does now.  Obviously then, managing change, and developing the skills that will help business leaders to anticipate, adjust and be resilient to change is an important focus for business.

Melanie has thirty years’ experience both as an employee, as an academic at tertiary level, and in her own business as an external consultant/ business coach advising and supporting future leaders, businesses, business leaders and their teams in:

  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Organisational development
  • Enhancing leadership capability
  • Improving team interactions and performance

Aside from this extensive and broad-ranged practical experience Melanie has the academic qualifications across aspects of business, accounting and management, plus she is a certified Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) practitioner and trained LEADR mediator. She has accreditations in a range of assessment processes and tools including the full set of Human Synergistics diagnostics.

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