Creating High Achieving Teams After Change

A programme for leaders and teams to support and sustain new ways of working

After the delivery/deployment of a change initiative it cannot be assumed that leaders and their teams will automatically and easily become functionally effective teams. Sometimes there are issues of trust and residual grief that need to be adequately resolved. Existing and new leaders have to step up to create an engaging and effective team and this is where they need support and assistance to get the new team off to a constructive start.

If there has been a wide-scale change impact across the organisation then the design and implementation of a similar approach to support leader/managers and their teams can be beneficial to recharge the engagement and commitment of people around a common language and capabilities.

The programme CHAT after Change uses a participative approach and can be aligned to your organisation’s frameworks and business language. During the programme the intent is for the leader and team members to enhance their capability so that they have the knowledge and tools to sustain their high achieving team. The key components include:

  • Understanding the current situation and change outcomes
  • Getting leadership commitment to the new ways of working together
  • Designing the workshops including use of specific organisational frameworks/documentation
Transformation into a high achieving team
  • Purpose: Why are we here?
  • Relationships: Who are we and how do we work together?
  • Outcomes: What must we do?
  • Stakeholder focus: Who are our key stakeholders?
  • Innovation: How do we innovate and improve?
  • Implementation: Who does what, when, how and when?
  • Achievement: What have we achieved?
Sustain or transition
  • Sustain: How do we sustain the gains?
  • Transition: Where to next?