Enabling New Leaders to Succeed

Programme to support transitioning first-line managers who have been in the role less than 18 months.

Transitioning to a position as a new leader/manager can be daunting and a critical time for a new manager’s career. We support the development of the relevant mind-set and skills to impact the organisation’s strategy and to enable the confidence and well-being of the new manager during this 5-day programme over four months.

The focus is on developing key capabilities to successfully lead a work team. This programme will provide an opportunity for new/recently appointed managers to understand leadership challenges; the environment in which they work and how important their role is to the organisation’s strategy.

The following is an overview of the modules:

Organisational Context and Personal Effectiveness

This program provides a process for participants to assess and improve their professional and personal routines to improve their productivity and work performance. It also assists new managers to build self-confidence and resilience within the existing organisational context.

Understanding yourself and others using personality types

Participants will take an online MBTI Step II Personality assessment. Through the process of interpreting their MBTI report, managers will develop greater self-awareness, including how they react under pressure. They will identify ways to use personality differences constructively to improve personal and professional interactions.

Develop team talent

Developing team talent is critical for performance, engagement and retention of your team members. Participants will learn how to include development into real work on a regular basis as well as how to be a coaching manager to promote the careers of their team.

Lead a high achieving team

The new manager will learn how to build alignment and commitment with the team through the development of a shared purpose, goals, and ways of working together. Practical strategies are provided to assist with building collaboration and constructive conflict resolution as well as recognition.

Deliver results

Participants will gain clarity regarding the importance of their role and the team outcomes to the organisation’s strategy. Managers must deliver results and this is achieved through effective strategies in decision-making, delegation and a culture of continuous improvement.
Optional half day module:

Presentation of Peer Group Learning

Each peer group prepare a 15-minute presentation to their line managers and programme sponsor to highlight their insights and learning applications.

Peer Groups

The cohort will be divided into peer coaching groups and will be expected to meet in between workshops to discuss their reflections and application of learning.

“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus”
– Martin Luther King Jr.