Enhancing Workplace Culture and Collaboration

A programme to develop a constructive culture where shared values and expectations guide work and behaviours

What is Culture?

‘The shared, values, norms and expectations that govern the way people approach their work and interact with each other’
This programme consists of workshops and then ongoing work by the department/team to put in place their agreed actions. The key steps are outlined below:

1. Introduction (30 minutes)
  • An introduction to the Culture (OCI) assessment programme
2. Data Collection (30 minutes)
  • A confidential online assessment of the departmental culture
  • Undertaken by Human Synergistics using the Organisational Culture
  • Inventory (OCI Assessment)
3. OCI Assessment Debrief Workshop – Facilitated (2.5 hours)
  • A facilitated workshop to understand the culture assessment tool and the team/department’s OCI results:
  • ‘What is culture and what does it take to fit in around here’
  • Understand the model – best/worst/ideal culture
  • Reveal team/departmental actual and preferred results
  • Outline next steps
4. Co-creating a Constructive Culture Workshop – Facilitated (3 hours)

Collaborative action workshop with the team/department to identify:

  • What is working well?
  • What should be the focus areas for improvement?
  • How does the above link to the Faculty/Department objectives?
  • Link to the Faculty/Department Staff Survey results?
  • Develop the culture canvas going forward
5. Ongoing Actions
  • Identified and implemented by the department​
6. Culture Re-assessment
  • OCI re-assessment 18-24 months later to identify progress
“Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself”
– Henry Ward Beecher